European Programs

Taking into account the particular needs and characteristics of our customers of this Department, we provide individualized guidance for EU funded projects aimed at the development and design of competing projects. We stand by our clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects: from the identification of the appropriate sources of funding and identifying the appropriate program to the design of a fully structured project proposal, till the effective implementation and management of their projects.


European Programs

The main objectives of the European Projects Department are achieved through:

  • the active participation in the European Lifelong Learning Program (LLP),
  • the participation in other European Education programs of scientific cooperation and mobility,
  • the consultancy services to support the programs of EU's energy efficiency and environmental protection,
  • the participation in Transnational Cooperation Programs (INTERREG Cross - Border) EuropeAid Programs, MED Programs, South - East Programs and Black Sea Basin Programs,
  • the development of proposals, consortia, budgets preparation and monitoring procedures,
  • the preparation of european funding opportunities and the implementation of european projects,
  • the cooperation with new partners and continuously strengthening already existing successful collaborations.


European Projects

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