ISO 39001:2012 Road traffic safety (RTS) Management System

The Road traffic safety (RTS) management system aims to improve the performance of the company/organization in the Road Safety Sector by eliminating road accidents related to loss of life, injuries, material damage, material damage, environmental pollution, health system burden, etc.

The RTS management system is implemented by private companies and public bodies such as:

  • Fire Department, National Emergency Center, Police, etc
  • Individual drivers
  • Fleet Operations (Bus and Intercity buses, Urban Transport, Industry/Crafts, Schools and Corporate Buses)
  • Transit, transport and courier companies (trucks, cars and engines)
  • Local authorities, waste trucks, municipal police vehicles.
  • Logistics / Transportation companies
  • Roadside Assistance Companies
  • Taxi companies
  • Private schools
  • National Road / Motorway Managers etc

By applying the RTS management system the company:

  • Will identify and record all the dangers of road safety
  • Will take measures to address the risks Reduce the number of road accidents
  • Will engage and sensitize all workers with road safety by completing training programs
  • Will comply with the legal framework of road safety
  • Will increase customer confidence


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OECON GROUP was certified in accordance with the principles of International Standard ISO 9001:2015 by Q-CERT.


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