European Region Entrepreneurship Connection-EFEB Network


Strategic Partnership for adult education, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, ERASMUS + 2015


Aim of the project:

The aim of EFEB Network is the development of strong partnership in the field of educational development, training and support activities and the area of female entrepreneurship and especially in the ground of social entrepreneurship, eco-innovation and digital economy.

EFEB Network’s main objective is to train, mentor and develop the entrepreneurship skills of women entrepreneurs involving them in VET partnership with great potential for development and raising the public awareness, supporting women empowerment and providing new economic and social opportunities for a prosperous European Region. In this respect, among the project’s main tasks is to enhance the new skills education and to create a climate that is favorable to increasing the number of women entrepreneurs and the size of the women-led businesses and new jobs. Furthermore, the project aims at promoting the gender equity stressing out the importance of a strong women social entrepreneurship sector and at implementing activities focusing on motivational support to women entrepreneurs through education, information, training, good practices.


Target Group:

Women entrepreneurs, Women startups, women interested in starting their own business



Greek association of women entrepreneurs, Greece


  • INNOGATE, Spain
  • CESIE, Italy
  • Vsi Socialiniu Innovaciju centras, Lithuania
  • Cluster Experts Baltic Sea Region, Latvia
  • NGO Agricola, Ukraine
  • WH Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Esteem, UK
  • Georgian Women Business association, Georgia



01/10/2015 till 01/10/2018


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